Walking Sticks

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Don’t be disappointed if you can’t throw wide the doors of perception with every work. Often we must content ourselves with what can be gleaned through the cracks and the knotholes.

Triptych (Arles, Key West, Nags Head)

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Clearly wisdom derives from relationships.

Scully the Cat

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Incongruity creates perfect mysteries, dark intrigues, formidable literature, impossible cooking, and cunning art.

The “Back Yard” (Villa Vignamaggio, Tuscany)

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A little ADD is often a good thing.
With it Abstraction can be Representation and Representation can be Abstraction.

The Hemingway House Ticket Booth, Key West

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Often our perceptions of ourselves are liable to be less accurate than our perceptions of others. Not because our judgement is flawed but because we think nobody’s watching.

Duck, NC (watercolor)

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The space between knowing and understanding is substantial.

Venice Apartments

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Vision gives them wit. Precision gives them grace. And color drives the boat.

South Beach once more.

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The ace of space.

Sempervivum (hens and chicks)

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(Not like me yet just like me.)















Visual ideas aren’t just visual. They come complete with words and music.

Ancient History

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How could they think that Pandora would not open the box?

They must have been Republicans.